Interactive Workshop Day

3:30 PM - 5:30 PM Process Improvement for UDI Implementation

Dawn Fowler, Program Manager, UDI, Masimo
In this interactive and hands on workshop you will have the opportunity to discuss and discover methods of streamlining UDI implementation. This sessions is designed to improve the efficiencies and efficacy of UDI rollout internationally, regardless of the size of your organisation or UDI implementation.

Participants will discuss key operational challenges associated with the execution of UDI; both in relation to labelling & packaging and with regards to data. Following this the group will address what can be done throughout the planning and execution stages of UDI implementation to improve it’s effectiveness.

The aim of the session will be for all attendees to leave the workshop with key lessons learnt that they can apply to European UDI implementation, leading to:

  • Significantly improved efficiencies in implementation
  • Increased return on investment and cost savings throughout the project
  • Improved efficacy of UDI as a control mechanism for both manufacturers and for healthcare providers

Dawn Fowler

Program Manager, UDI